Wonderful, relaxed and bespoke sessions to help with weight loss, hypnobirthing, smoking cessation, anxiety, phobias, plus more.


Hypnobirthwithcath – is not about ‘pain relief’. It is an evidence based programme about letting go. Letting go of misconceptions, assumptions and fear about the natural process of giving birth.

It focuses on letting the female body do exactly what it is designed to do. It empowers both mum and partner to be in control of any decisions and to have the best birth experience possible for them.

Over 6 fun sessions I will help both mum and partner to relax and focus on being empowered, with bespoke scripts and relaxation strategies.
“Words are the most powerful drug known to man” – Kipling.

Weight Loss

Often issues with weight are connected to other problems held in our minds. Stress and anxiety for example can lead to over eating or to skipping meals.

After the initial discovery session, bespoke hypnosis can release negativity and can target the food related problem, allowing the client to gain a resourceful mindset.

Tasks will be given to the client to consolidate their sessions and embed their new mindset.

Minimum of 6 sessions.

Smoking Cessation

This eight-session program is designed to assist smokers to quit the habit. Many programmes rely on the steady withdrawal from the chemical elements of smoking but what about the psychological elements? The relationship with smoking is far more than just the physical and this is often overlooked. Using techniques from NLP and hypnosis this programme is designed to allow the unconscious mind to remove the addiction by healing the body and balancing the chemicals within it.


Hypnosis combined with a strategy from NLP is a powerful tool which enables clients to easily and effortlessly let go of any phobias.

This will not require any physical confrontation with the phobia and clients can quickly find freedom.


Anxiety is affecting many people at the moment. Hypnosis is a beautiful way to let the unconscious mind release the emotions and make new calm and confident choices.

Over 6 bespoke sessions we will work together to discover the root cause of the anxiety and you will learn to let go it and live a more contented and anxiety free life.


Insomnia is a debilitating condition and effects every aspect of the sufferer’s life. It isn’t just about getting to sleep, it is about staying asleep and that sleep being a good quality.

Through the power of hypnosis you can learn new ways of relaxing into sleep after tackling the root cause of why sleep is so elusive to you.

Minimum of 6 sessions.

Time Line Therapy ™

Let go of the five major negative emotions of anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt. Change inappropriate responses in minutes.

Time Line Therapy ™ allows you to let go of negative emotions linked to past experiences. It is treatment at the unconscious level and also transforms your internal programming.

Neuro Linguistic Programming

Help improve your sales performance, leadership, marketing, therapy and much more.

Together we will explore how you organise your thoughts and feelings, how you use language and how you behave.

When NLP is applied to your life, your success is unlimited.

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